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Shanghai - Premium nutritional product brand Ddrops® Company has partnered with Super BOOMi, one of the hottest cartoon IPs in China, to launch the Ddrops® Kids™ line of vitamins and supplements on major online flagship stores in China in February, 2020.


100% Canadian-owned and operated, Ddrops® Company was founded in response to a need for a simpler way to provide important nutrients for infants and children. Ddrops® Company makes premium vitamin D and supplements for babies and the whole family. Ddrops® Company first entered the Greater China market in 2013 and has established itself as a highly premium, market-leader in infant and children’s vitamins. The partnership between Super BOOMi and Ddrops® Company will further strengthen the brand’s presence in the region. Up Studios signed the licensing agreement with Ddrops® Company at the end of 2019 and both companies have moved swiftly into production on the Ddrops® Kids™ range of products featuring Super BOOMi. The line will launch with Super BOOMi-featured artwork and messaging, including Ddrops® Kids™ Vitamin D, Ddrops® Kids™ DHA OMEGA-3, and Ddrops® Kids™ Calcium with Zinc. The products will make their debut at the 2020 Baby Show in Spring & Child Growth Education Expo in Hong Kong during February 21st – 23rd. The new Drops® Kids™ line featuring BOOMi will also be coming soon to major online flagship stores in China, including Tmall Global Drops® Company Flagship Store and Drops Flagship Store.


Produced by Up Studios and co-invested by Tencent Video, Super BOOMi is an award-winning CG-animated series. Created by acclaimed creator Trevor Lai, the innovative cartoon features the adventures of BOOMi and his friends in the virtual reality game universe BOOMi created with his computer programming. Since the show was launched in 2017, it has topped national TV ratings many times in China and amassed over 3.3 billion views on Tencent Video, a leading SVOD platform in the country. Super BOOMi has also made its way to the global stage. The cartoon debuted on Treehouse TV in Canada in May, 2019 and instantly gained love and attention from the audience by topping the ratings on the network among boys ages 2-5 in May and among girls ages 2-5 in June. The huge fan base Super BOOMi has built in only two years lays a solid foundation for the licensing partnership with Ddrops® Company.


The positive themes of Super BOOMi’s cartoons are reflected in the Ddrops® Kids™ vitamins and supplements line. BOOMi and his friends use their imagination, creativity and team work spirits to explore science and technology, overcome different challenges in their adventures and compete in the right way in sports games. These attributes are the hallmark of the healthy, normal development we hope to see in our kids, and can be supported by the Ddrops® Kids™ line of vitamins and supplements. Up Studios is well into on Super BOOMi Seasons 5 and 6 and will continue to inspire young audiences around the world.


From books, toys, hotel rooms to sports, Super BOOMi has established its licensing territories in many industries which are highly relevant to kids’ life. The collaborations with Ddrops® Company will help open a new window for BOOMi to introduce a healthy lifestyle for kids and families in China. With the IP thriving with strength, confidence and opportunities, Ddrops® Company will also build a stronger market presence in the country.