2016.09.30 BOOMi Featured on Cover of Disney Magazine

BOOMi, the adorable superhero bear, is featured on the cover of Disney Junior magazine, one of China’s most popular monthly publications for kids.

The special edition arrives in October, and will be distributed exclusively across over 80 Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts across China.

The magazine features a photographic introduction to Changbaishan, China’s premier ski resort region, as well as fun activity games designed by Up Studios.

In addition to BOOMi sharing the magazine’s cover with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the inside front cover also features an introductory letter by BOOMi’s creator, Trevor Lai, who has been a lifelong fan of Disney’s stories and characters.

This special edition marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between Children’s Fun Publishing, Up Studios and Holiday Inn, with a monthly BOOMi feature being planned for launch in 2017.


2016.09.06 BOOMi Bear Stars in Major Ad Campaign for Holiday Inn

Shanghai, China

Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts, the world’s leading mid-scale hotel brand and Up Studios, one of the fastest-growing creative studios in China, have expanded their successful licensing partnership with a trilogy of television ads featuring Up Studios’ animated character, BOOMi.


The partnership, which features BOOMi in all 76 of Holiday Inn hotels and resorts in Greater China, is the largest of its kind in the country. Up Studios, founded by award-winning creator and animation director Trevor Lai, is the only company in China recently named one of the Top 25 Animation Companies in the world to watch by Animation Magazine.


Throughout 2016, the Holiday Inn family packages featuring BOOMi have driven sales growth and brand preference. Together, the two partners have pioneered a unique proposition for the growing multibillion-dollar family travel market with a 360-degree experience focused on enriching travel for parents and their children.


Now, the awareness of this campaign and BOOMi will increase greatly with the rollout of three commercials filmed with global advertising agency, Ogilvy. The ads combine live-action with CG animation produced by Up Studios to tell the story of a family's “Moments of Joy” at Holiday Inn.


With Chinese consumers placing more emphasis on strengthening parent-child relationships, family holidays are a growing segment of the travel market. According to a 2015 research report, the size of this segment surpassed RMB 6.51 billion in 2014, and it will see rapid growth in the next three years.


Holiday Inn offers its target travelers a complete family experience with BOOMi theme rooms, fun family activities and special events, many of which are tailored to the unique characteristics of each property’s location and the demands of their guests. For example, responding to BOOMi’s popularity at its Holiday Inn Resort in Changbaishan, Wanda Changbaishan Resort recently announced the conversion of a park space into “BOOMi Park”.


The next phase of the multimillion-dollar partnership will include new BOOMi merchandise available for sale across the country, along with a potential global roll-out.


Up Studios Introduction:

Up Studios is a leading creative animation studio in China that creates world-class entertainment for kids and kids-at-heart around the world. With exciting trans-media properties spanning story books, apps, toys, animation and emoticons that have reached millions of fans, Up Studios is now producing TV series and film projects featuring its characters.


For more information about Up Studios, visit www.SuperBOOMi.com;

For interview inquiries, contact us at BOOMi@upstudios.cn.


2016.06.13 New MonkeyMe Emoji for WeChat

Up Studios and the creator of "Super BOOMi", Trevor Lai , have created a new series of adorable monkeys for you to play with!
Now on WeChat, MonkeyMe features the siblings Milo, Mimi and Max, who show off their hilarious and heartwarming expressions through animated emoticons.
More than 5,000,000 MonkeyMe emoticons have already been shared by users, so download them free today by searching "MonkeyMe" in the WeChat Sticker Gallery or scanning the QR codes below and start sharing with your friends:

2016.06.12 ExperienceAnimation Magic with BOOMi at MoCA

Animated films are dominating the box office this year, with more and more people enjoying animation than ever before.

You now have a chance to see how the magic behind this exciting industry is created by visiting the “Trevor Lai: Imagination to Animation” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai (MoCA).

The exhibition features over 50 sketches, paintings and animation artworks produced by award-winning creator Trevor Lai and his company, UP Studios.

One of the stars in the showcase is BOOMi, an adorable superhero bear who is now a prominent character in over 75 Holiday Inn hotels and resorts across China. You can see BOOMi come to life in the two multimedia displays designed exclusively for the exhibition, and even take photos with BOOMi.

Trevor Lai, BOOMi's creator,is an award-winning author, artist and entrepreneur. Trevor has been published more than 18 books since the age of 17, and hosted more than 1,000 presentations worldwide, including at the United Nations School in New York. His story as a self-taught artist has inspired audiences around the world, and this exhibition at MoCA is the first large display of many of his animation works.

The creator will host a series of special events at the exhibition, which runs throughout the summer until July 17th, and you can sign-up for an invitation to the events by following the official Super BOOMi account on WeChat at @SuperBOOMi.

MoCA is located in the beautiful People's Park in Shanghai. The “Trevor Lai: Imagination to Animation” exhibition is part of the Animamix Biennale, which previously hosted the largest Pixar exhibition in China.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

Gate 7, People' s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai

About UP Studios

UP Studios is a leading entertainment studio in China, selected as one of the Top 25 Animation Companies in the world to watch by Animation Magazine. UP Studios has several IP franchises in development, including a television series based on the Super BOOMiadventure series, created at UP Studios with the highest quality storytelling, design and production standards for the global marketplace.


2016.03.30 Trevor Lai Presented at YK Pao School

  • Recently, Super BOOMi creator Trevor Lai was invited by YK Pao School to present to hundreds of students in celebration of its book Week. Trevor presented 6 workshops during the 2-day visit, covering the entire primary school of over 500 students.

    The workshops included advice about:

    * How to become an author and artist?

  • * How to create characters like BOOMi, Bibop and Piggy?

  • * How to animate your ideas and create animations like BOOMi Pirate Treasure?

  • One of the kids’ favourite activities was an interactive creativity game Trevor played with them in which they created a story together. Trevor also taught them how to draw BOOMi.

  • Kids were so inspired by Trevor’s presentation that many of them came back to get their books signed and take photos with him.

  • Some even waited an hour to get a sketch! The lineup of kids was so long it extended through the entire auditorium and out the door. Two of the most popular books sold were the BOOMi sketchbook and COLOUR 2GETHER (distributed by OBIDO book fair).

  • YK Pao

    YK Pao School is a non-profit private institution founded in 2007, in memory of shipping magnate Sir Yue-Kong Pao, the renowned Chinese businessman, statesman and philanthropist. YK Pao School’s innovative Chinese-English immersion bilingual educational programme nurtures the whole person – the entire emotional, social, physical, and intellectual being – and prepares students to become engaged and responsible global citizens


    Trevor Lai

    Trevor is an award-winning author, artist and entrepreneur. Since publishing his first book at the age of 17, he has created more than 18 books for readers of all ages. Trevor has hosted more than 1,000 presentations at events, large venues and schools in China, Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

    Trevor's presentations are highly demanded by parents and top schools like YK Pao for their unique content and inspiring message that encourages kids to be more creative.

    With BOOMi now featured in 75 Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts across China, Trevor's presentations will certainly be demanded by schools in cities like Beijing, Nanjing and Qing Dao in the near future.

  • Go to “Fun秀” at kid.qq.com to create customized BOOMi storybook with photos of yourself!


2016.03.30 Trevor Lai Presented at Hong Qiao International School

Hong Qiao International School celebrated Literacy Week by inviting Super BOOMi creator Trevor Lai to present to hundreds of students.

An author and illustrator of 18 books, Trevor entertained students from pre-Kindergarten up to Grade 8, teaching them creative skills and sharing tips from his experience creating characters like BOOMi, Bibop, Kerry Kangaroo and Peter Bear at The Peninsula.

Afterwards, kids and parents lined up to get autographed copies of BOOMi's Artist Sketchbook and COLOUR 2GETHER (http://obidobooks.com/colouring-books-c-260/colour-2gether-colouring-book-p-6581.html) and will hopefully spend the weekend drawing and colouring!




2016.01.29 Monkeys Added to BOOMi Camera New Year Special Edition App

CNY is just around the corner, a time for lots of family reunions and happy moments with friends -- and plenty of video-taking and selfies, of course! To help celebrate the holidays, UP Studios just launched the New Year special edition BOOMi Camera app, which enables users to add 3D animated stickers and animations to make 3D animated videos and photos.

BOOMi Camera was featured by Apple on its App Store and has been downloaded by fans in more than 90 countries. This special edition features MonkeyMe stickers and animations to celebrate the Year of Monkey for Chinese users. As the only sister of the MonkeyMe family, MiMi has already been one of the hottest stickers on WeChat and now users can add her animations and stickers to photos and videos in BOOMi Camera! There are over 100 animations and stickers with FX for user to choose and add to videos and photos in this special edition to create 3D animated videos and photos.

BOOMi is an adorable little bear full of imagination and likes to take adventures around the world with his little puppy Bibop. Besides being the star of BOOMi Camera, he has also been developed into toys and cartoons. More than 70 million BOOMi and Piggy in Love mobile emoticons have been downloaded worldwide. In the MonkeyMe series, MiMi is a cute and fashionable monkey, who enjoys dressing up and participating different kinds of parties. She also loves to travel and taste cuisine around the world. Although MiMi often talks about losing weight, she can never resist the temptation of cake. MiMi also has two brothers: adorable younger brother Max and serious elder brother Milo. She’s one of the hottest stickers on WeChat, and now users can interact with all three of them in BOOMi Camera!

UP Studios, founded by artist and animation director Trevor Lai, is dedicated to creating world-class entertainment for kids and families. Recently, it was voted by the industry’s leading publication Animation Magazine as one of the “Top 25 Animation Companies” in the world to watch. For more information about UP Studios, visit: http://upstudios.cn/

Download BOOMi Camera New Year special edition free from iTunes today: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/boomi-camera-3d-cartoon-video/id541484734?mt=8



2015.09.08 UP Studios Partners with Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts to Launch BOOMi in China


UP Studios announces its partnership with Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts, world’s leading mid-scale hotel brand, to launch an exciting new family programme across its flagship resort properties featuring BOOMi, one of UP Studios’ hottest new animated characters. The adorable BOOMi bear will be featured prominently throughout selected hotels and resorts, in a comprehensive campaign that spans custom-designed rooms, amenities and multimedia content.


With a surge in domestic travel and demand for family holidays growing in China, the partnership between BOOMi and Holiday Inn brand is a unique initiative in the market, enriching the holiday experience for guests. Upon check-in at the participating hotels in China*, kids will receive a BOOMi Welcome Pack that includes a special passport with games that they can use to collect stamps from selected properties in different cities. In their rooms and suites, families will be delighted by details such as matching BOOMi bear bathrobes and slippers, designed amenities and an e-storybook kids can read together with parents. More elements will be added in the coming months to further enhance the program.


Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts is one of the world’s most recognised hotel brands and the very first international hotel brand to enter China. Its family programme with BOOMi will begin to pilot in September and a full launch event is planned for January of 2016 with UP Studios.


BOOMi and his adorable puppy Bibop are the stars of animated cartoons as well as the popular video and photo app for families, BOOMi Camera (download the app here: https://appsto.re/ca/-AMrG.i). UP Studios is currently producing a CG-animated pilot for a TV series starring the characters.


Recently named one of the "Top 25 Animation Companies" in the world to watch by Animation Magazine, UP Studios was founded by award-winning author and artist, Trevor Lai, who published his first children's book at the age of seventeen, and recently signed a worldwide publishing deal with Harry Potter's publisher, Bloomsbury.


*September pilot hotel list:

Holiday Inn Shanghai Kangqiao

Holiday Inn Nanjing Aqua City

Holiday Inn Shaoxing

Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre

Holiday Inn Qinhuangdao Sea View

Holiday Inn Resort Beijing Yanqing

Holiday Inn Resort  Hainan Clear Water Bay

Holiday Inn Resort  Changbaishan


For more information about UP Studios, please visit www.upstudios.cn


2014.10.15 Modern Weekly Magazine Interview Zegna Young Talents

1. What do you think is China’s Young talent and new power?

China's young talent has the power to express itself in more ways than ever before. In fashion, you have Chinese designers influencing global runways. In my business, all of my team members are young Chinese, and I try to teach them that they have the power to create cultural icons that for the first time ever will become loved around the world like Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty, but created right here in China at UP Studios.


2. Do you think there is any difference between their images and those of the old-generation bosses or wealthy class?

There are several differences between the generations, but I think two of the biggest ones are speed and globalization. The speed of business and the pace of change in technology means that if you have a dream, you can bring it to life faster than ever. The globalization of business and China's growing importance in the world means that when you create something in China, you can influence the world.


3. How the film will develop and end in your point of view? What feelings does the short film give you?

I think Jack seems unsure of himself at first, and through the film I think he will discover his own power and find a new level of confidence. The main impression I have from the film is "I think Daniel Wu is cool". I interviewed his director on my business talkshow and he told me how hard Daniel works as an actor, maybe I will have the chance to invite him to work on a cartoon with me in the future.


2014.10.10 Peerage Magazine Interview

1. How come you become interested in cartoon? Or in other words, how did you develop your liking for cartoon?

When I was a kid, I loved watching cartoons like The Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tom & Jerry. But when I was watching the cartoons, I would always draw the characters and create my own stories, mixing them together. Eventually, I started creating my own characters and stories, and knew that one day I would be making cartoons, too.


2. 5 years after you came back from Canada, your first bilingual(Chinese and English) sketchbook “Piggy in Love Winter” was published, and there are Spring, Summer and Autumn series to come. As far as I know, you drew stroke by stroke all the images of the sketchbook, why don’t you make use of computers? 

I like to combine traditional hand-drawing with modern computer technologies: traditional hand-drawing can reflect my emotions effectively through direct contact between pen and paper, while computer technologies can create special effects for my works.

I like the method of combining traditional hand-drawing with modern computer technologies: usually, I would first draw these works personally, then color them with watercolor and finally add some special effects that traditional drawing methods can’t do with the assistance of tools such as Photoshop. Using traditional hand-drawing, you need to finish every detail stroke by stroke though the contact between your pen and paper, which makes me feel closer to my works and thus, the works can create a resonance for me and also reflect my emotions truly and effectively. While computer technologies can create different kinds of special effects, they can’t make me feel the same way as the traditional hand-writing does, so I choose to draw my works personally and finally use computer technologies to make special effects.


3. A romantic piggy, with a big head and a small body, wears a pair of big square frame glasses, and takes a firm and persistent attitude towards love though often relentlessly stricken by it......how do you come up with the idea of drawing such a piggy character?

I created Piggy because I wanted to know the answer to the question, “Does true love exist?” I think most artists are romantic and more emotionally sensitive. At the same time, I’ve been a business man since I was a teenager, so I’ve grown up surrounded by very logical and successful people, and friends who are more skeptical about love. Therefore, I always heard different opinions about what love is, and whether in today’s society you can still have true love.


4. Does this piggy character reflect the shadow of your own profile, or it’s even a personifying cartoon image of you?

Well, Piggy is much cuter! I’m a romantic at heart, so there are definitely parts of me reflected in Piggy. At the same time, everyone has questions and moments of doubt, so the other characters I created in Piggy’s universe, like his friend Spike who believes you need to protect your heart so you don’t get hurt, also reflect perspectives that many people can relate to. Almost 45 million 手机表情 for Piggy have been downloaded already, so I think a lot of people in China see a reflection of themselves in the character, which is wonderfully gratifying for a creator to see.


5. Mr. Lai, since the first kids’ sketchbook was published when you were 17-year-old, you have created many animal characters. We think that people working in cartoon industry must all remain kids at heart. Do you like kids very much?

I definitely agree that if you are making cartoons or working in an industry related to kids, that you have to love kids and be able to see the world from a child’s perspective. I love kids, and have been sharing my stories and teaching creativity workshops for them for over 15 years. Anyone who has looked at my Weibo @TrevorLai赖嘉晟 will see many photos of me with kids and my niece, whom I adore. I’ve been invited to present at the United Nations School in New York as well as well-regarded schools in China like Soong Qing Ling S chool and YK Pao School, and many of the parents ask me if I will ever open my own creativity school for kids. Through UP Studios and dedicating my life to creating inspiration for kids, I think it helps keep me younger and most days I feel like a big kid!


6. In China, education for children means to force them to take all kinds of classes since they were kids, and we know same things happened when Mr. Lai was a kid. Regarding this, do you think it necessary for children to receive such education? Or you think they should be given with more childhood happiness, and their pressures should be relieved?

I think Chinese children  should spend more time playing, exercising and exploring new things, like my experience of swimming when I was a kid letting me learn to take challenges and make breakthroughs, while learning violin and giving violin performances makes me able to deliver public speakings confidently now.

I think children in China should be given with more time and opportunities to exercise and explore new things, because the increase of interaction with outside world will inspire their imaginations and creativity. For example, when I was a kid, my parents would take me out to learn swimming, it turned out that swimming not only could build fitness, but also let me learn to take challenges and make breakthroughs. I started from swimming only a few meters to swimming as free as I can in the water; also my parents encouraged me to learn violin for 11 years, this experience let me learn to not give up easily, and you would benefit from it once you persisted. It’s because of the experiences from constant violin performances in front of audiences when I was a child that makes me able to deliver public speakings confidently in front of audiences in different countries now.


7. Being not only a cartoonist, but also a CEO and host, how do you balance your different roles? Also, how do you manage your own team?

Steve Jobs once noted that Leonardo Da Vinci was both a great artist and a great scientist. Likewise, I strive to be a great creator and a good businessman. A good way to describe my philosophy is: having art in my heart and business on my mind. It is a rare combination in our industry, so it does require some extra effort, but I believe both sides complement and strengthen each other. I think unique characters and wonderful stories are still the creative foundation, but because I understand marketing, when I create something, I always consider the target audience and see the big picture of how the brand would need to be shaped to have a viable market. Sometimes, a great creative idea makes a lousy business, and sometimes a solid business plan lacking creative soul will fail. The key is to be able to identify both sides of the coin as early as possible, and then execute based on the data and your beliefs.

In terms of managing our team at UP Studios, I believe in leading by example. Then, I believe in building good organizational systems so that your positive example can spread through the company and help the business scale in an exponential fashion, rather than a linear model.


8. Besides cartoon, what have you been up to recently? What are your hobbies and interests?

I love exercising, so I’m usually in the gym on average 4 days a week. Two of those days are for power yoga, and the other days are for body building and strength training. When I get the chance, I also play ice hockey every year, which I’ve been playing since I was a kid. Other than physical activities, I love reading business and philosophy books, and traveling around the world.


9. Do you have any new works recently? Can you make some introductions?

Because we are more than just a traditional animation studio, UP Studios is like a creative studio and new media company combined, so we’re always working on innovative ways to introduce our brands to the world. We are currently producing a 3D-animated cartoon series in China called Super BOOMi <<超级布迷>>, which will be one of the first truly international-quality animation productions created entirely domestically. UP Studios is the first animation company in China ever to be selected by Apple to tour their flagship stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I presented a special show called “Imagination to Animation”, and it featured the world’s first video and animated cartoon app, BOOMiGram, which we created. BOOMiGram was put on the Apple iTunes store next to 爸爸去那儿 because of its innovative features. Within the next few months, we are going to launch a brand new app with new characters for the iPhone 6 and other mobile platforms. It’s a secret right now, but I can tell you it will feature Monkeys and you will see some announcements on my Weibo and Instagram (@upstudiosworld) soon.